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Mignon is also known as Coach MT the Master Mental Health Coach.

Mignon has served her community as a mental health nurse for the past 10+ years. She finally discovered her purpose in life after tragically losing her father in a downhill battle with dementia.

Mignon found herself in a mental health crisis. This unpleasant series of events led to her enrolling in a coaching program. Mignon had no interest at that time of coaching as a professional. Mignon just wanted to regain control of her life.

Therapy, medications, and faith alone was not enough. During her intensive work at the Health Coach
Institute, Coach MT was born.

Coach MT realized she had been assigned to help others achieve the
balance & control that mental health illness’s steal, “JOY.” Coach MT strives every day to assist individuals like herself shine light along the dark path that suffering from mental illness can create.

As Coach MT would say “Silencing the stigma is going to take a village.” Coach MT ‘s signature program
Pleasantly Uncomfortable provided the clarity, structure, support & accountability needed to overcome
life's obstacles.

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